ImageWhen people are grateful it’s contagious!

Everyday we have something (even small things) to be grateful for if its to be alive, friends, or simply the weather.

Create a list of 5 things that you are grateful for when you wake up…

and then express your gratitude through out day.

It can make this world a happier place!

xoxo, Lan

Eyes Open


Keeping an open mind and outlook creates unbelievable opportunities.

“remember to take time to stop & smell the flowers”

Freshly Fall


Top: RVCA Shorts: American Apparel Vest: Vintage Shoes: Lucky Belt: American VIntage Jewelry: Vintage

When I think of fall I think of knitting, apple cider, football, flannels, boots, and sweaters. Fall is my favorite season with the color changes and the coolness in the air, its a refreshing season for the earth, and for us!

Take the time to enjoy the smell, and season of Fall.

(school officially starts tomorrow)