“Life isn’t about the competition, it’s about the friends you make playing the game”

So take the time to play like a kid & love like a kid, fearlessly.


Whenever I watch this movie I laugh hysterically & feel like a little kid!

all giggles, Lander

Knitting Time

This is my current project

Yarn: Joann’s Fabrics

Needles: Size 12

Stitch: The first 3 rows are knitting  and the rest is in stocking stitch

One of my FAVORITE calming activities is knitting. I learned when I was young, and I have stuck with it since. There are so many ways to make knitting your own, and personalize it… Needle size, yarn type, etc.

Here’s a great website to learn how to knit (or learn new stitches)

If you need to purchase some needles & yarn they are available at most superstores, and for higher quality yarns it better to go to a knitting & crocheting speciality store.

Peace Song


My mum sent me a link to this lovely song, and I instantly fell in love with it!

We need to find peace between one and another as humans, and countries as a whole. What ever happened to the idea of be kind to your neighbor, or treat others how you would want to be treated? I think the world needs to take a deep exhale and meditate. My whole lifetime the US has been in war, starting a new war, or ‘trying’ to end one… When will there really be peace? So PLEASE be kind to others, and with each individual’s effort, maybe peace will exist in my years to come.


The other night I found this and it was delicious to make & eat! 



They are fun to eat & easy to make with (a box mix)